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At A1 Personal Appearance Agency, we specialize in supplying renowned figures for Comic Cons, conventions, special appearances, promotional events, and exclusive signings.

With an expansive global clientele, we facilitate talent bookings across continents, from the UK and Europe to the USA.

Drawing on our team’s extensive experience in orchestrating pop culture conventions throughout the UK, we boast an unrivalled perspective, enabling us to strike the perfect balance between the interests of event organizers and celebrity talent.

As a female-led agency, we cherish our family-like bond with every client, treating everyone with the utmost respect and consideration.

Seeking inspiration for your guest roster? We’re equipped to provide thematic suggestions, group bookings, and strategic pairings to elevate your event. Our portfolio spans from current sensations in shows and films to nostalgic personalities, keeping us continually in tune with the evolving pulse of pop culture trends.

Please feel free to reach out with any requests. By collaborating with agencies globally, we are able to offer an even more diverse talent pool upon request.